Banana Swap-AMM, DEFI, IDO, Efficient on-chain Infrastructure

Project Introduction

● Banana Swap is a DEX running on Solana with AMM protocol.

● Different from the conventional AMM exchange protocol, for the purpose of active liquidity, Banana Swap innovatively adds AMM’s design of aggregate liquidity, including the support for range limit orders, price range liquidity provision, non-homogeneous liquidity proof, flexible rate model, TWAP historical Oracle, and visual transaction data dashboard to provide different users with professional, powerful and easy-to-use decentralized trading basic tools, and improves the capital utilization rate of assets on the chain by tens of thousands of times.

● In addition to the trading function, the platform will also integrate a series of playability functions to speed up the construction of the DeFi LEGO portfolios.

Why Solana ?

●High Throughput

Currently, Solana has a block time of around 400 milliseconds and a maximum TPS of 50,000 +, which will increase tenfold in the next few years.


Solana builds on past experiences and other ground-breaking innovations that enable networks to expand their total computing power in parallel in accordance with Moore’s Law.

●Low Cost

Without having to worry about high GAS fees as on-chain transactions explode, Solana aims to provide an open blockchain platform with low fees for billions of users.


1. Banana Swap aims to take the utility of a decentralized exchange to a new level, integrating multiple functions to realize the value expansion of the Solana ecosystem. Under the premise of capital security, Banana Swap will actively create a richer decentralized ecology.

2. Enhancing decentralized financial infrastructure by extending the SWAP ecosystem. Meet the needs of complex users based on different demands from the platform to obtain revenue. Change the single location of decentralized exchanges.

3. Pooling liquidity to create more complex market-making strategies. More fine-tuned and more frequent interventions. By adjusting parameters, we can create more complex strategies to gain competitive advantage over other LP’s.


● Simple asset trading dashboard.

● Flexible AMM infrastructure tools .

● Diversified IDO platform for token issuance.

Assets Business

● Banana Swap provides a decentralized asset trading dashboard built on Solana, allowing users to freely exchange tokens directly on Solana .

● Liquidity pools .

● Automated market maker .

● Initial issue of tokens.

Flexible AMM Trading Infrastructure Tools

● The core idea of Banana Swap’s AMM is liquidity aggregation.

● Liquidity providers can provide liquidity in a certain range, increasing the utilization of funds. Transaction fees earned within a range are split equally among all liquidity providers within that range. Through the design of interval granularity -Tick, the process of adding/removing liquidity and cost calculation is deduced. On this basis, the implementation of the historical price forecasting machine is also updated.

Flow Polymerization Design For AMM

●Support range limit orders

Allows LP to offer a single token as liquidity within a defined market price range, and when the market price enters a specified range, the asset exchange moves along a smooth curve.

●Price range liquidity provision

Enter multiple LP positions in different price ranges to create order books for any price curve, supporting more complex market-making strategies.

●Non-homogeneous liquidity proof

Since each LP can create its own price curve, the liquidity proof is tracked by the SLP721 token, backed by peripheral contracts, creating an efficient utilization of funds.

●Flexible cost multilevel control

The independent fee setting of 3 stalls is provided, which supports LP with different risk preferences to freely choose the capital pool. The flexible fee also supports the switch of agreement fee, and part of the transaction fee can be used for BANANA holding dividend.

●The TWAP historical oracle

The improved TWAP oracle can calculate all the most recent TWAP for the past approximately 9 days in a single on-chain call.


●After Banana V2 goes online, there will be three main types of users: traders, flow pool creators and liquidity providers. Around the powerful AMM basic tools, we hope that more professional market makers and dealers can faithfully follow the development of the platform.

●αBANA is a membership certificate.

●Staking 10,000 BANA can cast 1 αBANA. αBANA is transferable. Hold αBANA can enjoy membership benefits.

●To redeem αBANA into BANA, the refund fee shall be paid in proportion. This refund fee will be distributed immediately in the form of BANA to all αBANA holders who have not withdrawn.

●Banana Club is designed for professional market makers and users with large trading volume. It is set up for loyal users. Holding αBANA, you will enjoy the following benefits of Banana Club.

●Transaction fee dividend

●Transaction fee discount

●Oracle access

●Member day reward

●Proposal and voting rights

●IDO subscription shares

IDO(Initial Decentralization Offering)

●IDO in Banana Swap is divided into two types:

farm issuance and self-service pool construction.

●Farm issuance

Other projects on Solana can be funded through Banana Swap’s farm, and users pay Banana-SOL trading pair LP tokens to receive other project tokens. After the completion of IFO, the SOL part in the LP Token will be delivered to the project party, while the Banana will be destroyed.

IDO — Self-service Pool Construction

●Unilateral Subscription Pool Construction:

The project party provides a certain amount of tokens, specifying the unit price of tokens and the amount to be issued. Within a specified period of time, anyone can recharge for subscription. After exceeding the subscription limit, the recharge subscription will be closed, and the project token will automatically open the initial liquidity pool.

●Bilateral Pool Construction:

The project party will put a certain amount of tokens and a certain amount of Banana coins into the capital pool and set the issuance time. Anyone can make a purchase within the specified time. The transaction will deduct 50% of the transaction tax, and 50% of the token will be automatically added to the liquidity into the black hole pool, after the construction, the liquidity self-growth will be closed.

●United Curve Issuance:

The project party provides a certain amount of tokens and specifies the initial price. Anyone can recharge to subscribe within a specified period of time, and if the user’s subscription limit exceeds the token offering limit, the token amount will be allocated according to the total amount of funds recharged by the user. After the crowdfunding is over, the user’s top-up funds will be automatically established according to the final pricing public pool.

Tokens Model

●BANA, the original token of Banana Swap, is the only governance token of the platform. It will also be used as a composite application token to ensure the practicability and network effect of the platform. With the development of the platform, we will explore more “incentive growth” and “value capture” functions with the community to form positive feedback and achieve better benefit binding through sustainable long-term incentives.

●Platform governance (proposal and vote)

●Synthetic casting αBANA

●IDO qualifications and subscription shares

●Price oracle fee payment

●DeFi paradise general assets

Distribution of Tokens

Team Background



●2021 Q2

Complete the overall design architecture of Bananaswap, release the test version on Solana, contract code audit, AMM decentralized trading platform.

●2021 Q3

AMM liquidity aggregation, support range limit orders, price range liquidity provision, heterogeneous liquidity proof, introduction of multi-level rate model, and twap historical oracle.

●2021 Q4

NFT transaction auction, NFT game distribution platform, NFT packaging asset revenue management, NFT fragmentation solution.

●2022 Q1

Derivatives, synthetic assets, leveraged lending, perpetual contracts, binary options.

●2022 Q2

Start Multi Chain deployment plan, hybrid cross chain bridge, cross chain asset exchange and aggregation transaction.

about BananaSwap
BananaSwap is an AMM decentralized trading platform running on Solana with the design of Concentrated liquidity.

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BananaSwap is a decentralized asset trading platform that runs on solana and adopts the AMM mechanism.@solana #SOL